Kerry Elise

Kerry Elise


Hailing from the frozen kingdom of New York City, on a magical and fortuitous Saturday in Autumn, Kerry made her entrance into the world. It was the year of the Ox and Dire Straits' "Money for Nothing" reigned atop the charts. Her family was a happy one, but they were also ready to make some big changes. After enduring years of brutal winters, having their cars stolen on multiple occasions, and having homeless people take their daughter's lunch, also on multiple occasions (including one particularly painful instance involving a precious Pee-Wee Herman lunchbox), they finally decided to move down to Georgia.

Having always had a great interest in art, Kerry started painting and drawing, initially just for personal enjoyment. Nevertheless, she went on to win a contest to be a docent at her local museum. It was this experience that truly opened her eyes to how vast and laden with possibilities the art world can be. For the next few years she focused on ceramics and inks, and participated in multiple local art shows. In her later high school years she stupidly gave up art to dance in cheesy musicals and scribble boys' names in notebooks. It was also around that time that she fell in love - underage, illegal love, but love nonetheless - with tattoos.

As the fog of adolescence faded, Kerry once again started crafting and creating, again for her own enjoyment and personal fulfillment. Moving from one creative job to another she searched and searched for something long-term that she genuinely loved and could be passionate about. Through the Laws of Attraction, the Universe put some amazing people into her life; people who nurtured her love for the art of tattooing and ultimately took her down this current path. She feels so fortunate to now be a part of the tattoo journey for others.

When Kerry isn't working, you can find her hiking, kayaking and charging her crystals. She has a daily quota of 30 minutes spastic dancing and off key singing. For the last 10 years she has fronted an electroclash band, Pigmails (who have yet to write any songs, but any day now).

Sitting down to a meal with Steven Morrissey tops her bucket list. She also enjoys cooking. And eating.

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