Frequently Asked Questions


When you email us with your idea, don’t be afraid to elaborate. The more imagery you can build the easier it will be for us to understand where you are coming from. We are ¬†interested in doing all kinds of tattooing, so no need to be shy! However, we will not take anyone else’s custom designed tattoo and copy it. This is out of respect for the artist who drew the piece and the client that received it. We can however draw you something custom and we can make an awesome tattoo that is just for you! You are welcome to send us reference photos to help with your description of your idea.


For larger pieces we prefer to set up an in person consult. This way we can sit together and do some sketching. It also gives us time to discuss the proper sizing and placement for your tattoo. Sizing and placement are very difficult to work out via email, so in-house consults work well for hammering out the details. If you are from out of state or are unable to come in for a consult it’s no worries! We can work it out over email, in house is only preferred not required.

Deposits / Appointments:

We do require a deposit to set up an appointment. This deposit is $100.00 and goes towards the cost of your tattoo. Deposits are non-refundable under any circumstances. Please do not put down a deposit until we have already discussed your idea, and your ideal dates for your appointment. This helps avoid any confusion in the process.


The hourly rate is $150.00/hr with a minimum of $100.00. Accurate price quotes are very difficult to give over email, and are normally handled at in house consultations. There are so many variables to consider that without meeting in person it is difficult to give a time frame of completion for large pieces. Larger works that cover a significant amount of the body (e.g. half/full sleeves) vary greatly depending on the design of the piece.

Preparing for your Appointment:

If this is your first tattoo I know it can be kind of mysterious and nerve wracking. Here are some pointers whether it’s your first time or you’ve spent plenty of time in the chair.

  • Make sure you have your unexpired, government issued photo ID. I cannot tattoo you without this documentation, even if I know for a fact you’re of age, the law does not bend on this one.
  • Eat a solid meal before your appointment, it helps regulate your body sugar, you can also bring snacks to help keep your sugar up.
  • Be hydrated, well hydrated skin is that much easier to tattoo, plus it’s good for ya!
  • Get a good night’s rest, if you’re tired or hungover it makes getting tattooed that much more difficult.

Still have questions? Shoot us an email!