Ceilidh Watson

Distinguished artist, Ceilidh Watson creates classic vintage American Traditional tattoos that withstand the test of time, both as a design, as well in the skin. She has successfully taken old school lines and tattoo designs and applied them with modern techniques and machines. Professionally tattooing for two years, Ceilidh has been featured on online pages like “American Tattoo Museum”, in addition to being the winner of their “Flash is Dead” contest. Heavily inspired by traditional tattooists that paved the way of the tattoo world in the early 20th century, like George Burchett, Bob Shaw, and Owen Jenson, Ceilidh’s beautiful flash art, and tattoos alike, keep the long rich history of old school, tattoo designs alive. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Ceilidh gained great appreciation and skill for art, thanks to her father who she grew up watching paint. Specializing in vintage designs, colors, and watercolor flash paintings, Ceilidh is easy to approach, and discuss ideas with, always creatively infusing her artistic energy in every aspect of her career.

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